2013/6  1 unit of ML3015eX-S added

In June 2013, our front line services brings the latest in advanced laser machine, ML3015eX-S to our production. The new high-beam convergence resonator has achieved improved productivity and reduced running cost.

Power 3,200W
Movement System Flying Optic
Target Workpiece Dimensions 3,050 x 1,525mm
Workpiece Weight 950kg
Table Pass Height 880mm
Stroke X axis 3,100mm
Y axis 1,565mm
Z axis 150mm
Rapid Feed Rate X,Y axis 100m/min
Z axis 65mm
Maximum Processing Feed Rate 50m/min
Positioning Accuracy X,Y axis  0.05/500mm
Z axis 0.1/100mm
Max. Sheet Thickness – Mild Stainless Steel 8mm
Max. Sheet Thickness – Aluminium 8mm
Chiller LCU 15Aix (Air-Cooled)
Workpiece Loading Auto Pallet Changer Manual Pallet
Workpiece Lifter Optional