Surface Treatment

To better cater to our customers needs, our finishing department operates various in-house finishing processes such as epoxy power coating system( which runs on a conveyor), sand blasting application, wet painting system and polished finishing,. These processes are performed by well trained personnel and are constantly monitored to achieve superior results.

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Epoxy Powder Coating

Our powder coating services are Conveyor powder coating line & baked oven line

Wet Painting

Our wet paint booth are providing full solution for under coat till top coat paint.


To further enhance your parts cosmetic finishing, we provides:

  1. Stainless steel polishing of “4B” & “BA” Finishings.
  2. Sand blasting to provide smooth surface & removing imperfections 
Surface Plating

For further protects your part from external factors, we provides additional treatment services such as: Zinc plating, Electro-polish, Galvanizing, Anodized and more..